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Frequently Asked Questions

How are your leads generated?
Our leads are generated through our nationally-recognized home-business portal, homebusinessconnection.com. This site attracts individuals who are searching for a home business. Once at our site, prospects may request more information from a distributor (like you) by completing an online ad form. The lead's contact information is then passed on to you. We don't incentivize any of our leads, so don't worry about receiving leads who say they only filled out an ad to win a prize or gift.

How are leads delivered?
Leads are delivered to the email address that you provide. If you are a current member of the "CEM Prospector" contact management & marketing system, you can have your leads automatically placed into your account. If you’d like to learn more about our marketing system, .

How soon do leads start?
It depends on the lead product you order. Real−time lead delivery can start immediately or within a few hours or days depending on lead flow and our current advertising. Aged leads will be delivered in one file, usually within two business days.

What are real-time leads and what are fresh/aged leads?
Real−time leads are delivered to you immediately after the contact completes an online information form. Fresh/Aged leads refer to leads that are anywhere from 0−60 days old or older (which means the prospect completed the ad form a few days or weeks ago). You can check the product description pages to find out if your leads are real−time or fresh/aged.

How often am I charged?
For your convenience, your real−time lead orders will automatically renew when approximately 90% of your real−time leads have been delivered. You can set your aged lead orders to renew every week (7 days), every other week (14 days), or every month (30 days) and you will be charged when your order renews. You can also make any lead order a one−time order through the settings in your online Account Manager.

What do I do if I receive a bad lead?
From time to time, you might receive a "bad lead" that has slipped through our verification processes. If that happens, simply request a new lead through your back office, and we'll gladly give you a replacement lead. for replacement policy.

Can I pause my leads?
If you order real−time leads, you can stop and start your lead flow through your back office whenever you wish. Since aged leads are delivered all in one file, they don’t have a pause feature.

Can I request how many leads, per day, I'd like to receive?
Absolutely. You call the shots! Simply tell us how many leads you would like per day by setting your daily target and we'll do our best to hit that number.

What lead is best for me?
Our skilled representatives will be happy to talk with you about the leads that will match your particular skill set, as well as the lead types that have worked for others in your company. Feel free to contact us at 1.800.561.9297 for more information.
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